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Vote Scott Wise on November 2…twice

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your vote.  However, I am not just asking for your vote, I’m asking you to persuade others over the course of the next week to vote for me as well. This election … Continue reading

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Business as Usual Will Not Do

The ’06 congressional elections sent a message, but next to no-one understood it.  The Democrats took the message to mean Americans were dying to have Democrats back in power.  They believed it was a referendum on the Iraq war and … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Stay Worked Up.

It is not hard to get worked up when you take a hard look at our present state.  A government running wild, a failing educational system, prisons so full we let violent offenders out early, a teetering economy, and anarchy … Continue reading

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Who wants a strong America?

Who wants a strong America?  It’s hard to come up with an answer for that.  Looking around at world events it is hard to find anyone protecting our position.  Even our own government seems intent on weakening our country.   Politically, … Continue reading

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Burma Old Posts 3

Over the next couple of days I will be posting items I posted in the past in another blog, and on u4prez.com. Burma I read a BBC article today about Burma and the difficulties of overthrowing a repressive regime.  The … Continue reading

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