Change is a word we heard a lot of the last 9 months.  Of course change is kind of vague.  It implies something different, and many who voted for Obama thought it meant something different all together.  It appears, and I have even heard several times that what was meant by change was change back to how things were during the Clinton administration.

I read today that Hillary Clinton has rearranged her husbands affairs enough to clear the way for her to be secretary of state.  In fact Barack Obama’s cabinet is filled with people who put politics above the good of the country.  There is little doubt, from looking at those in power outside the white house, that business as usual will prevail.

Money and power will continue to set the agenda in Washington, and when pressing issues spring up the same interests will have their way with the solutions.  The media arm of the liberal agenda will continue to ignore the corruption and hypocrisy.

The Republicans have struck a conciliatory tone.  They will, I believe, not put politics above the country.  This is not to say that they will not be in opposition to much of the Pelosi agenda, but that they will not come to their position based on political calculation.  One finds a lot of independent political thought on the Republican side of the aisle, and principle often trumps partisanship.

My biggest question on the Republican side is will the leadership change Mike Pence, or will Mike Pence change the leadership?

The democrats have some problems with revisiting the warm glow of the Clinton era.  Most importantly, they don’t have the gathering momentum of the Reagan tax cuts.  Big changes to the economy like tax cuts lag, and the large Reagan tax cuts really took hold in the 90’s.  The other difference is that Bill Clinton inherited a relatively stable and secure global scene.

The worst thing about the whole picture, is that we will have people in places of power that put their own individual and partisian needs in front of the needs of the country and it’s people, and a complicit media that ignores troublesome issues while endlessly coverning trivial ones.

Add to this impressionist work of art a murky realization that some members of our government and media rrom both sides of the aisle are more aligned with the New World Order or the North American Union than our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We need a new idea.  Millions of Americans thought they voted for one.  Maybe they did, but if Obama’s history, or his cabinet selections are any indicator, we are in for a lot more of what we have already gotten.

We do need change, and I have an idea.

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Obama could unify

President elect Barack Obama could unify the country…  It would indeed be trans-formative…  It would certainly be post-partisan…  It would end partisan politics…  I could then be an Obama supporter.

How, might one ask?

He could tell the country we are broke.  He could say to the American people that we can afford no more, and in fact we need to cut back.  Barack Obama could tell the voters we have a corrupt government, and slash its size and scope.

President elect Obama could be square with the American people, and let them know that the president has very little to do with the economy, and the actions that president Bush took to desperately fuel the economy were to keep it from collapsing in the wake of 9/11.

President elect Obama could be honest with the American people, and admit the democratic opposition to the war in Iraq was calculated to gain political position, and regain executive and majority power.

He could tell the truth about how calculated democratic opposition to the war emboldened our enemies and cost American lives.   America’s position in the world was damaged for domestic political gain.

President elect Obama could explain why France, Germany, and Russia opposed holding Saddam to account.  He could explain the corruption behind the oil for food program, and lucrative trade of underground technology.

President elect Obama could talk about how incredibly motivated those Palestinian suicide bombers were when Saddam started writing large checks to the families of martyrs.

Barack Obama could explain that the democrats and their supporters in the media worked tirelessly to nudge public discourse in the direction of their agenda by cleverly representing the facts in way that colored perceptions so as to damage Bush and the Republican Party and benefit the democrat party.

All of this would go a long way toward healing the wounds of the last 7 years, and beyond.  This act of contrition would unite the American people, and put the partisan power brokers on notice.  This kind of monumental start to a presidential term could bring the kind of transformational change Obama has talked about. 

There is no way to change the corruption and hypocrisy of the Washington staffers, lobbyists, and legislators without a major jolt.  Who better to deliver that jolt than the Man who soundly defeated the ultra effective Clinton machine and the whimpering remains of the once dominant Reagan GOP?

Alas, I fear, I am living in a dream land. 

More likely, judging by our history, Obama’s record, his associates, and rumored appointments, we will soon see a modern version of the New Deal, or Great Society.  The expense will be shouldered for generations, and its forbidden fruits will be intoxicating.  Free stuff is usually viewed favorably by humans.  The damage to our republic will be catastrophic. 

What is going on is not the same ole’ same ole’.  This isn’t like the tough times we’ve been in before.  The challenges this nation faces are monumental and consequential.   For generations we have been safe and secure.  We take our freedom for granted, and don’t take our security seriously.

The future of the United States of America is not guaranteed.  It can prevail, if we the people can unite, as one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all.

Barack Obama…Unite this nation.  Come clean on the political rhetoric.  Chart a course that will take this nation to the kind of heights that can be reached by combining individual excellence, capitalist competition, and a sense of the common good, combined with personal responsibility, self reliance, innovation, and morality.

United We Stand, and divided we shall surely fall.

God bless America and the revolutionary ideals she stands for.

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As much as it pains me to say it, the Reagan revolution is dead.  Any lingering momentum from that movement has been squashed by Barack Obama and the democratic resurgence around the country.  Now conservatives have every bit as much of an up hill fight as they did in 1978.  I never thought it would come to this.  I overestimated the logic of a small government that knows it’s bounds, and under-estimated the public appetite for a nanny with candy.

I told someone the other day that “George Bush single-handedly destroyed the conservative movement.”  That’s not fair.   He had help.  The fact of the matter is, that voters who sent people to Washington to shrink the size of government feel betrayed, and they have no confidence in republicans.  The only reason they still vote for republicans is that they have only worse choices.

Many of those republicans spoke loudly in this election.

We certainly needed change, but I fear the change that’s coming.  Barack Obama is one thing, but wait until the nuts in congress get going with their agenda.  The government should be a facilitator, and steer clear of restrictive mandates, or social engineering.  This should be the role of government.

Barack Obama gained a lot of ground, because he talked about how tough it is out there.  It is tough.  Obama stressed how the government was going to help.  95% of Americans will get a tax cut.  We do need help.  I’ll take the $1200 or $1500 sure, but does that mean the government will give me $5000 in a couple of years so I can stay afloat?  Is that how we fix this? Keep supplementing 50% of the population?

The problem is, that to really fix the problem, you have to attack the root cause.

My guess is that medical expenses will still be high in 5 years.   I have medical insurance, and still can’t afford medical care.  We have to bring down the costs, but not by mandating fees.  The government’s role in this matter should be to facilitate the kind of competition that drives costs lower.  Continued consolidation of health care will certainly make things less expensive for giant health care systems, and will no doubt make things easier for our insurance companies, but it allows giant health care providers to set the price without worrying about competition.

If we made more money it would be easier for us to pay for medical care or gasoline.  The government could mandate a minimum wage like the unions and progressives want, but is that the American way?  Wages will go up naturally as demand for labor goes up.  For 2 decades we have not controlled our borders and have allowed millions of illegal immigrants into this country to artificially increase the supply of labor.  This “extra” labor supply has suppressed the labor rate.

The role of the media in our political process has become troublesome.  Some say, “it has always been this way,”  and in some ways they are right.  If you look back at elections from the early part of our nations history you will certainly find media that sided with one candidate or another.  Today’s media seems to have sided with an ideology.  The media bias seems to be out of control and widespread.  The same media that has pounded George Bush since 2000, was totally in the tank for Obama, and only sparsely admitted as much.  This democratic victory is as much theirs as it is Barack Obama’s.

The old media will no doubt be pushing for the fairness doctrine.  If it passes, it will be at the expense of that media and the bill of rights.  What I mean by that is that if people can’t get what they need from radio or television they will move to a media that carries their desired content.  Internet radio is up and running, and will become the new home of talk radio if the AM band won’t carry their programming.  Similarly, if broadcast and cable television content is controlled by the government, then sources like you tube will flourish.

We must do something to instill American ideals into our children.  It’s hard to expect people to understand what America is supposed to be if we don’t teach it, and there can be little doubt that millions of Americans feel entitled to the American dream.

The American dream, however, requires hard work and is in no way a birth rite.

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3rd district debate – Larson steals the show

I watched the debate today.  It was on the internet.  I tuned in to WANE TV online and watched Mark Souder, Mike Montagano, and William Larson.  Larson has been largely ignored by the establishment as most Libertarian or 3rd party candidates have been.  There was no ignoring William Larson today.

While Souder and Montagano whined about the others dirty ads, Larson was answering the questions.  Souder nervously defended his record.  Montagano talked of change and the middle class.  Larson talked about the excesses of government and the bewildering choices our government makes.

Mark souder lost today, not because Mike Montagano beat him, but because William Larson won.  The two parties want to pretend Larson isn’t in the race, and history supports their position.  The media accepts the notion that the only candidates that matter are the ones they deem competitive.

Larson’s debate victory will not likely be enough to give him the win, but it could siphon votes from Souder.  This race got tighter today, and demonstrated why certified candidates should not be disregarded or marginalized by those who claim to represent the public.  Had Larson been covered fairly and from the beginning, it’s hard to imagine what this race would look like.

I’m as anxious about this race as I am about the presidential race.  These are strange days indeed.  The democrats promise a return to the great society or a new new deal.  The republicans promised to reform all that and give us a more limited government, but they betrayed us with more big government.  What are we the people to do?  Demand better.  Understand the issues, the candidates, and their positions.  Do what you can to help your chosen candidates, and vote with the future of our country in mind.

Do we want to be America?  Do we believe in freedom and liberty as well as the independence and responsibility they imply?  Can we do the hard work that is required to secure our nations ideals for future Americans?

Vote on November 4.

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Sarah Palin

Hat’s off to local and state GOP, and the McCain Palin campaign.  You pulled off a wonderfull event Saturday evening in Fort Wayne.

Mayor Handshoe of Kendalville led the Pledge of Allegiance, Marlin Stutzman’s wife sang a beuatiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.  Murray Clark was excited, Mike Pence fired up the crowd, Mark Souder had a few good lines and Becky Skillman spoke with passion.  Hank Williams Jr got a huge roar, and treated the crowd to his own medley honoring the GOP ticket.

Sarah Palin came out and spoke with passion about John McCain and the ticket’s platform.  She did well, and the huge crowd that came for her responded with adoration.

The event, was not without annoyance.  I spent half a day earlier this week getting tickets that I already RSVP’d only to find out when I get my seat that I didn’t need them in the first place.  I stood outside for more than an hour.  My wife had my coat of course.  Others stood outside much longer so I shouldn’t complain.  13,000 were herded through 6 machines to scan your person.  Once through the the superduperscanner machines the agony was over.

I left wanting more.  I wanted more of the Sarah Palin I saw in Dayton…. When Sarah Palin was introduced to America, she started talking about people in it for the right reasons.  It’s odd that I didn’t hear anything like that today.   I have been dying for the real Sarah Palin to come out.  The problem is, the GOP establishment is as scared of Sarah Palin as the democrats and media are.  When I got home I read a yahoo link to a politico story  talking about Palin going rogue.

That crowd wanted to blow the roof off the place…What would have sent the crowd over the edge?

Murray Clark could have briefly introduced Handshoe for the pledge, Stutzman for the anthem, and Mike Pence to get things started.  Hank could have then gone a rant about the dirty rotten scoundrels in Washington that sold our country out.  The crowd would have been swinging from the rafters for Becky Skillman to pitch mitch and passionately intorduce Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin could have come on and said the things we the people know she wants to say.  Her talk of corruption stopped just short of Washington.  She knows about corruption, and has rooted it out, which is why 13000 people waited hours in the cold to see her on a Saturday afternoon in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Our government should not be for sale.  It is for sale however, and some will sell our American soul for money and power.  We want to have confidence that someone is going to do something about it, and see that it doesn’t happen again.  The government will not police itself.  The media is in on the game, and it’s corruption and manipulation knows no bounds.  The people lack the instrument of power to rein in the corruption.  We wait patiently, selecting the lesser of two evils, until one we really believe in comes along. 

We can only hope we are not mislead.

That is my biggest fear heading into this election.  I fear millions of Barack Obama supporters have been mislead.  I fear many have selected Obama as the lesser of two evils and have been misled.  All that Obama has been does not support what he says he will do.

Change for change sake is not the answer.  We do need change, but not the kind of change that expands the size and scope of the federal government.  We need a federal government that facilitates lower costs and higher wages, not one that hands out money and fosters class warfare.  We need a president that leads, not in a progressive direction, but in a constitutional direction.

If you are looking for a progressive socialist country with a stagnant economy like we see in Europe, then Barack Obama and democratic majorities in the House and Senate are what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a president that will honor the constitution, and work towards limited government then McCain is much closer to what you are looking for.

On November 5, this country will get what it deserves.  We will either take the path towards government solutions that enslave us with dependence and retreat, or we will take the path towards the kind of freedom from government that fosters the independent spirit that made America great.

I’m old enough to remember a time when people didn’t want a hand out.  Our government should stay true to American ideals, and foster capitalist answers to health care and low wages.  Competition fixes both problems.  An American government should seek to enable competition in the health care arena, and should not allow the labor market to be flooded with illegal immigrants.

Conservatives have failed in this regard.  They enabled health care consolidation that eliminates competition, and turned a blind eye to millions of illegal workers to flood into the market place.

The conservative movement is dead because our representatives sold out.  The solution to that problem is not a swing back to the big government ideals of the New Deal or the Great Society.

I’ll take a restrained Sarah Palin along side an independent McCain… At this point, with our political system in shambles, our economic system on the brink, our social system in disarray and a media filled with dis-information, the only thing that makes more sense than McCain/Palin……………..Palin/Hank Jr.

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Kelty Submits

Yesterday, Matt Kelty plead guilty to 2 felonies and a misdemeanor.  Kelty will serve no jail time, and pay only $750 in fines. 

The prosecution can claim victory.  Matt Kelty’s reputation is soiled, and he can no longer run for office or own guns.



Matt Kelty Challenged the establishment, by running against the chosen GOP candidate in the primary and winning.  He opposed government financing of the Harrison square project that the establishment supported.  Matt Kelty made enemies.  Powerful enemies that saw to his general election defeat and his punishment. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not know Matt Kelty, or his enemies.  I state here my opinions which are derrived from observations, analysis, intuition, instincts, speculation, and my own bias.

I don’t know Matt Kelty’s heart, or his intent in these matters.  Mr. Kelty could have intended to violate election laws, but were that the case I would have expected the prosecution to have sought a much tougher penalty.  Based on the plea agreement, the prosecutor seems to have only been interested in the conviction.  If it weren’t about securing the conviction, based on the penalty, this case would have been dropped, or dismissed without objection.

Matt Kelty and this case are not the point.  To see the big picture one must spend some time digesting Indiana Code Title 3 Articles 8 and 9  When you are done, try to get answers to your questions.  Call up the Indiana Secretary of State, get the elections division on the phone (317.232.3939), and try to get them to answer questions about what this word means, or that paragraph.

They will tell you to seek legal council.  You should know once spending money on legal advice, that advice is merely a legal opinion, and does not protect you from criminal prosecution.

For the most part candidates don’t have to worry about it.  They won’t be prosecuted for misunderstanding or a wrong interpretation.  Unless…they poked a finger in someone’s eye.  Upset someone who already holds political power without any of your own, and you might find yourself a felon stripped of your basic freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Just stay at home…watch TV…and let those that know best run the country.

The problem is that “those that know best” have run this country into the ground.  Corruption has morphed our republic into unbridled capitalism merged with unabashed socialism.  The recent forced government investment into our financial system brings the scary total to something close to fascism.  Sound familiar Matt?

Schools, media, and government seem to feel no responsibility to educate the electorate on what our government is supposed to be, what issues are really compelling, or what the candidates stand for.  They do, however, seem compelled to educate on what they want the government to be, what non-issues we should be concerned about, and which candidate they prefer.  The constitution is too archaic to matter to many in these institutions.

These institutions wish to convince us that the government is the answer to our ills, or at least, it is the conduit to curing our ills.  We expect pandering, and reward it.  Government, business, and the people of this country need to quit focusing on ourselves as individuals and start focusing on the limited government spelled out in the constitution, the freedoms guaranteed by the bill of rights, and the liberty and justice for all the United States of America ideally stands for.

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Maybe the party isn’t Republican enough!

Things have been a blur the last couple of weeks.   That is nothing compared to this week, or the coming 3 months.  Monday I filed for congress, Tuesday I started fielding calls, and today I had several interviews.

I came home to find the television guy changed his focus after interviewing me.  Go figure.  The heart of the story after editing, focused on the legality of my candidacy.  The focus when he talked to me was “why do you want to be congressman.”

The contention has been made somewhere, that I am not a republican.  I object.  I strongly object.

I started identifying with the Republican Party when Richard Nixon was in office.  This is far earlier than most people I know, as Richard Nixon left office when I was 6.  I am not trying to contend that I understood politics, or even partisanship, but most of my family were Democrats.

I pulled for Gerald Ford, but couldn’t vote for him.  Like many other Republicans I suffered the long 4 years of the Carter administration.  I watched as we signed over the strategic Panama Canal (Chinese shipping companies tied to the Chinese military have a large presence there now), had our citizens taken hostage in Tehran, and the economy tanked.

I was desperately pulling for Ronald Reagan even though my sister said he would take us into nuclear war.  Reagan brought conservatism to my understanding of politics, and I was excited to think about a smaller government.

George H.W. Bush was next, and along came Newt Gingrich, Mark Souder, and the Republican revolution.  Now we were surely going to cut the government down to size.

Bill Clinton came along, and called Republican ideas his own. they were arguably his only successes.

George W. Bush came along and the fiasco of the 2000 election.  This is when the partisan politics really got ugly.

 As far as my activity locally:  I used to run a restaurant here in town.  One day the GOP chair asked if they could have their breakfasts there.  I readily agreed even though our restaurant was not open for breakfast.  I drug my wife, who didn’t even work there at the time, in to help me cook one Saturday a month.

I became active in the party, helped with events, and attended functions locally and at the state level.  Later I organized and cooked for rallies, won a seat on the county council, served as precinct committee chairman, and had my wife volunteer to be vice-chair(the incoming chair asked for her because 2 males, him and I, could not serve as chair and vice-chair).

In 2006, nearly 5 years after 9/11, our government still refused to secure our borders.  We were at war, and our government had no interest in securing our border?  How could that be?

There was a big illegal immigration debate brewing in Washington leading up to the Indiana primary in 2006.  Republican voters around the country were screaming, and their screams fell on deaf ears.

I decided the country was more important than the party I identified with most of my life, and that someone had to bring some sanity to Washington D.C.

I convinced the Indiana Libertarian party to let me run on their vacant ticket.  There was a requirement for them to file a 10 day notice of intent to fill a vacancy, which they faxed on time, but faxing was not an acceptable method of filing that notice.  The Secretary of State denied my candidacy.

I toyed with running as something other than a Republican, but I feel a duty to try to change the party.  The only Democrat I ever remember voting for is Mike Schrader.  He was a good Sheriff, and from working with him on County Council I felt he would make a good County Commissioner.

I meet the criteria to run, and don’t think there is any way I can be kept off the GOP primary ballot.

Put America First

Let the voters decide if I am Republican enough.


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