Fort Wayne Mayor’s Race

By far, the most popular post I have made has been the Ft. Wayne Mayors Race.  Maybe I pushed a few buttons.  It is so interesting to me because of all that it represents.  It is bigger than an election for Mayor, and it is bigger than Ft. Wayne.

I am most disturbed by what it reveals about our political process.  It shows how fragile the process is.  Make a mistake with election law, or even leave enough room someone can claim you made a mistake, and you get called a criminal.  It doesn’t matter how much good faith you brought to the table,  or how much your supporters want you elected.

Is it fair that one candidate is so damaged going into the general election?  Who is harmed?  Matt Kelty is harmed.  The city of Ft. Wayne is harmed.  The voter is harmed.  The process is harmed.  America is harmed.

I remember when I was a kid and my teachers would talk about our democracy.  They would say that anyone can run for office.  What they didn’t say was that you better have a lawyer.  I am sure that the lawyers like to be needed.  I am not sure our founders wanted the process to be so restrictive.  Of the people, by the people, and for the people probably should read of the people with lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the people with lawyers.

Why didn’t someone from the GOP come to Kelty’s defense?  It would have been real easy to do, and it happens all the time.  Didn’t the democratic party stick by Bill Clinton?  Slick campaign tricks are as old as our democracy.  Nasty ugly acts are often legal, and seemingly benign acts are sometimes illegal.  The lesson here is simple.  If you don’t like the results of an election, even if the election board says everything was fine, swear out a criminal complaint.  Do so in a place where the prosecutor has a conflict so it can be handed off to an ambitious special prosecutor.  Let the media do the rest.

Who runs Ft. Wayne for the next 4 years doesn’t matter to me.  Voters having a choice matters to me.  Fair elections matter to me.  This election has not been fair, and the voters have been ripped off by state election law.


About votescottwise

I love Columbia City. I was born here, spent most of my life in and around Columbia City, and chose to make our community home after college. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to take advantage of what this country and our community have. I am running for Mayor of Columbia City in 2011.
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5 Responses to Fort Wayne Mayor’s Race

  1. P. Rex says:

    Let me get this straight: You think this election has been unfair to KELTY? Unfair would be Tom Henry’s numerous business owner brothers putting up millions to buy the election. They have more class than that.

    A true democracy is a pipe dream, unfortunately. Sadly, there will never be real equality when one man is allowed to give somebody $158,000; three people can fund 50% of a campaign… Somehow i think their role in the political process is a little more important than your average citizen’s is.

    You mentioned “harm” in your post. The most harm that can possibly come to democracy from this whole fiasco is the following scenario:
    Matt Kelty wins, then is found guilty of a felony. Talk about your vote being harmed- it will be made worthless when another mayor is APPOINTED in his place!

  2. I thought the finance issue was from the primary. What does that have to do with Henry? As far as I know Mr. Henry has conducted himself honorably and nowhere have I even addressed this election in regards to the Democratic candidate?

    You missed the point in regards to Kelty. It is unfair to him based on the fact that he has to run in the general election with indictments hanging over his head. The fair thing would have been to settle the matter before the election. Better yet have clear election law so there are no loopholes.

    You might be able to see this point of view if you weren’t so closely attached to Mr. Henry.

    The harm is that citizens have very little say in what their elected officials do. Voters have little ability to express their views when 1 candidate is slapped with an indictment and it is left hanging over the election.

    I noticed the name Henry in your e-mail. If you could step away from a personal attachment and look at the issue objectively, you might see that the voter’s choice has been damaged by poor election law.

  3. P. Rex says:

    That’s a good trick with the e-mail account, huh? It fooled Dan Turkette too, no worries.

    In reality the complaint I have is that Kelty obviously has no respect for transparency in government. Shouldn’t the voting public know who is funding the candidates- and hence where their loyalty will lie when elected? Clearly Kelty tried to hide a huge contribution by calling it a “loan” from himself to his campaign. That money did not originate from him but rather from a supporter who wished to remain nameless. What a joke. They tried to fool the voters and that, according to you, is okay???

    Look, I want honesty and integrity in office, not tip-toeing around to find loopholes etc. to hide facts. How about the intent of the law rather than reading it by the letter? Like it or not, politicians are influenced by who contributes to their campaigns- kind of like how Aqua Indiana donated $$ to Kelty. Maybe if Matt had broader appeal he wouldn’t have had to rely on massive contributions from only a few wealthy people and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. I’m sure Kelty would make a great mayor but we’ll never know. His rich friends, mad with the possibility of more power, undermined the system and broke the law, or at least tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. The citizens of Fort Wayne have more self-respect than to be treated like children who aren’t capable of handling the truth. He should have told exactly where the money came from. Why did he try to hide it?

  4. P. Rex says:

    Awaiting moderation?? Dude we’re the only two people who ever posted here give it up!! No wonder you think it’s okay to try and trick voters… you do the same thing on your site!! After months of uncertainty I will sleep like a baby tonight… will you please post Kelty’s concession speech here tomorrow?

  5. First of all if you are using an e-mail account intended to mislead your good faith is immediately called into question. Second, I don’t live on the internet. I have a job and a life. I check the blog for comments once or twice a day. I am honored you took to time and had enough interest to comment and reply.

    You obviously feel strongly about Kelty. I commented on my support for Kelty, and mourned the flawed state election laws that leave voters with little to no choice. You can’t get past that point.

    I take strong offense to your comment about trickery, especially since I come to this point in good faith and with weariness from the state of modern politics.

    I don’t write election law. My entire post here had everything to do with Indiana election law, and the treatment of a candidate who genuinely wants to serve the community.

    I will certainly post comments if Kelty is convicted of a crime. Will you apologize here if he is cleared?

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