McFly!!!!! Is Anybody Home?

I would have never thought I would quote Biff, but more often than not I am left shaking my head.  For a long time now I have heard stories about the government seizing guns in the aftermath of Katrina.  I was fairly certain that didn’t happen.  After all, the media was all over every inch of the Katrina story, and they didn’t mention anything about seizing.

Out of the blue Glenn Beck does a story last night on our loss of liberty and covered just that story.  Are you kidding me?  Did I pass through the looking glass?  Government officials ordering the seizing of guns at gunpoint.  Say it ain’t so!!!

Of course if you look around you will find more evidence of wonderland.  Maybe wonderland isn’t the world.  With all the doublespeak, maybe the world belongs to Orwell more than Alice.  If one were to read 1984 in 2007, one might find more similarity to modern America than modern Russia. 

Beck this week is covering our loss of Liberty.  Talk about timely stories.  Sometimes when I watch Glenn Beck, I think he is getting his stories from my web site.  The real story is the thoughts and ideas I feel so strongly about are right there for everyone to see.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of brilliance to see what we have become and where we are heading. 

Why is Glenn Beck the only one in the media to cover, or expose these issues that go to the core of our existence as a nation?  I don’t know.  Surely there are objective journalists.  Surely the media wouldn’t intentionally damage this nation.  The stuff Glenn Beck has covered on his television show over the last year and a half, should be all over the other channels and shows.

The American peoples awareness of the critical nature of our times and the precarious position we are in needs to be raised to at least the importance of a prime time sitcom.  We can continue to ignore the problem.  We can stay focused on our daily lives and let the media and government blow sunshine you know where.  We may not even pay a price for our inattention. 

Our children and grand children will not escape our irresponsibility if that is the path we choose.  They might pay for our waste of social security.  They might pay for our huge national debt.  They might pay for our exporting of manufacturing.  They might pay for our lackluster educational system.  They might pay for our lack of border security.  They might pay for our pollution.  They might pay for our misplaced priorities in foreign affairs.  They might pay for our poor choice of friends.  They might pay for our partisanship.  They might pay for our corruption.  They might pay for more than one of our failures.  But they will pay.

Like Glenn Beck I hate to be the one running around shouting the sky is falling.  I am a natural optimist.  I know Glenn Beck has done his homework.  Unlike Glenn Beck I have been closely following events on the national and international scene for nearly 30 years and structured my college education around these types of issues.  Like Glenn Beck I am scared.

I am not just scared of the dangers that lurk around the corner for us, but at our inattention, indifference, and insanity.  The Insanity of modern America is we have no national dialog.  That is not true.  There is plenty of national dialog, but it is about Paris Hilton, or OJ, or whatever titillating story they can cover non-stop on 100 channels for weeks on end.  Have you ever asked isn’t there any real news.  I’ve started asking “what news are they distracting me from today?”

HELLO!!!!!!McFLY!!!!!!Is Anybody Home?


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I love Columbia City. I was born here, spent most of my life in and around Columbia City, and chose to make our community home after college. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to take advantage of what this country and our community have. I am running for Mayor of Columbia City in 2011.
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