How About a National Primary?

I read today that Mitt Romney wants all delegates seated at next years GOP national convention.  It would be a good thing if all the Republicans in all the states could help whittle the field down to one Republican. 

Not allowing delegates to be seated was the stick to keep States from moving their primary or caucus forward.  Since the last election and even before different states have tried to move up their primary to have more influence in choosing the party’s nominee.  The exercise has turned into a nightmare that might even move the earliest into 2007.  Confusion reigns.

Hopefully voters in states that have moved their primary are ready to vote earlier.  The problem I have is that we have very little choice in any given election.  Most of our real choice is in the primary.  General elections often leave us to choose between the lesser of two evils.  The problem in 2008 will be magnified by the early primaries.  We will be down to 2 candidates before many have even turned their attention to presidential politics.

It seems time to take all the games out of something as important as the future of our country.  We should end all the positioning, and adopt a national primary.  Make it the 1st Tuesday in May.  That would leave 6 months for the general election.  This would move most of the primary campaigning closer to the election year, and help prevent voter fatigue.

I am a sentimental guy, but the interests of New Hampshire, Iowa, or South Carolina must not rate above our nation as a whole.  We might even need an amendment to the constitution to make this happen.  It would intrude on States rights, but this seems one of those times when the interests of the nation as a whole are more important.  It also seems a primary voter in a late voting state is of less value than one in an early voting state.

It seems all political decisions are made to improve the position of a candidate or a party.  I am sure it has always been this way.  What our country needs now however, are people who will act to improve our country, our citizens, and our future.


About votescottwise

I love Columbia City. I was born here, spent most of my life in and around Columbia City, and chose to make our community home after college. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to take advantage of what this country and our community have. I am running for Mayor of Columbia City in 2011.
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