LOST, NAFTA, and National Sovereignty

I have been hearing a lot about this L.O.S.T treaty the UN wants to implement.  It is being advertised by the UN as something that just ties together already standing agreements on the high seas.  Our media and elected officials don’t seem to want to talk about it.  Our sovereignty is at stake, and we have already surrendered it in many ways with NAFTA.

Many interests are pushing for a one world government, a new world order, or whatever name you want to give it.  Have we as a nation decided we want that?  I must have been absent the day we had the discussion on our sovereignty and agreed to give it up.  When NAFTA was passed there were people who complained it would infringe on our national sovereignty.  They were dismissed as kooks, and we were assured by our media and politicians that it just meant cheaper vegetables and a more competitive business class.

Now we find out NAFTA means our government will defend a foreign national found guilty of murder and sentenced to death, because the Mexican government and UN object.  We find out that now Mexicans have every right to our country.  Foreigners are now more entitled to America than Americans.  Many will read this and jump to the conclusion that I don’t like foreigners.  I like them.  I have known some.  I have worked with some.  They are just like you and me.  That does not entitle them to our country.

This post is about more than immigration, it is about sovereignty.  The L.O.S.T. is a UN power grab.  If we sign on to it it will turn over the high seas to the UN.  It will give the UN the control of the seas, the sea bed, and the sky above the sea.  It will allow the UN to tax activities that take place in international waters.  It will also allow the UN to tell us where our ships can and cannot go.  Even our military ships.

Without an honest discussion, our leaders are turning this country over to others.  Many of those who will be able to tell us what to do under this treaty don’t like us.  The number one issue of the day is sovereignty.  Will America continue to choose it’s destiny?  Will we let someone else decide who we will be?  Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

No doubt many in this country like the idea of being part of the bigger world.  Many welcome the socialist redistribution of wealth so strongly promoted by the United Nations.  Of course those ideas are not what made us great.  That doesn’t concern those people, they feel American greatness is an obstacle, and a weak America is best.

I am not one of those people.  I believe the United States of America is the greatest country the world has ever known, and I want it to be even greater for my grandchildren.  I believe millions of Americans feel the same way.  The people of this country will not roll over. 

This country is worth fighting for, and millions of us are willing to do just that.  Out here in fly-over land we still remember what our country used to be like.  We remember when people didn’t expect the government to solve all their problems.  We remember when partisans set aside their differences on important matters.  We remember George Washington’s warning.  We remember our greatness helped the entire world.

Washington D.C.!!, before you go handing our sovereignty over to the UN, you better check with us first.  Otherwise you better get out your old Doors albums and play the Peace Frog.


About votescottwise

I love Columbia City. I was born here, spent most of my life in and around Columbia City, and chose to make our community home after college. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to take advantage of what this country and our community have. I am running for Mayor of Columbia City in 2011.
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