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Fort Wayne Mayor’s Race  9/28/07

I read a letter to the editor in the Journal Gazette yesterday written by somebody from Greenfield.  The writer was commenting on the Fort Wayne Mayoral race.  Maybe it was Greencastle or some other green place, but it wasn’t from Fort Wayne.  The point of the letter was to beat up Matt Kelty.  In this letter he was slimmed pretty well.  It struck me as I read this letter that it was exactly what was intended when this witch hunt started.  Completely left out was the fact that the bipartisan election board cleared Kelty of wrongdoing.  Indiana election law is vague and intentionally left to interpretation of a lawyer of your choice, and Grand Juries are only one sided.  The writer did mention that Kelty was innocent until proven guilty, but then used the lack of support by the GOP and resignations to slime Kelty some more.
This whole comedy or tragedy, it certainly is both by their common modern definition, seems to me to be contrived.  Any person who paid attention to the primary election or its lead up knows that the powers that be in the Allen County GOP had their man chosen and it was not Kelty.  When Kelty spoke up against the Harrison Square plan his fate was sealed.  Too many people had too much invested in the deal to risk a wrench in the works from a Mayor Kelty.  The people of Fort Wayne responded and gave Kelty a victory in the Republican primary.  Not everyone, however, is interested in the voice of the people.
In the interest of full disclosure, I should state, I live in Whitley County.  It really isn’t my business what Fort Wayne does with their Mayor.  For most of my 40 years, however, I have lived a short distance from Fort Wayne.  I have watched this race with interest.  I am a huge fan of Matt Kelty for his work on the support the troops rally in Auburn 5 or 6 years ago.
The bigger issue is the hypocrisy and corruption in the political process.  Anyone critical of Matt Kelty should read a few paragraphs of Indiana election law.  After you read it call the Indiana Secretary of State and ask them to clarify something.  They will not.  They will refer you to your attorney.  Next try to find an attorney that knows something about election law.  Good Luck.  When you get an opinion from an attorney familiar with election law, understand it is just an opinion.  Anyone can challenge it and an election board will review it.  Maybe they will agree with your attorney maybe they will not.  If they do agree with your attorney, it does not mean you are out of the woods.  Someone might still take the issue around to a prosecutor who must then interpret the law and decide how to proceed.  If he so chooses, the prosecutor may take it to a Grand Jury where only the prosecutor may argue.  The candidate will have no opportunity to defend, and the prosecutor may use the facts to lead the Grand Jury to indict.
Isn’t our political system marvelous?  Of course before the trial date the election will take place with scandal hanging over the candidate’s head?  What I haven’t discussed is how the media will cover it.  Do they have an axe to grind?  Is the media for an issue the candidate is opposed to?  Is the media somehow beholden to someone or something opposed to the candidate?
This situation is a good example of what is wrong with our political process, but it has nothing to do with Matt Kelty other than to show what can happen to a good and decent person who enters the political arena without the backing of powerful moneyed interests.  The good of the community (country, state, county, and city) comes last when opposed to the interests of re-election, partisanship, or the powerful.
What do we do?  I have struggled with that myself.  Most people are too busy keeping their own lives in order to spend a bunch of time with politics.  Many are so disgusted by all the slime, lies, corruption, and hypocrisy that they tune out.  They don’t vote or even register to vote.  If that is our future then we deserve what we get.  Of the people, by the people, and for the people means the people have a responsibility.  It is only the people that can pull this country out of the funk it is in.  The government, along with the people and politicians that run it, have no interest in the kind of change that will be good for this country.  They only have interest in what enriches and elects them.
The same people who are smearing Matt Kelty will be smearing me in a few short months.  If these people can do to Matt Kelty what they have, I have no doubt they will skewer me.  I have decided that I am of little importance when compared to this great nation and its future.  Someone has to speak out for fundamental change.  I love this country and what it has stood for the last 200 years.  I am scared for this country and what it has become in the last 40 years.
We were given a great gift by our forefathers.  We risk using it all up and leaving nothing for our grandchildren.  A handful of interests have gamed the system, and we deserve better.

I posted this today, because Indiana’s 3rd district congressman is publicly disparaging Matt Kelty.  Souder has sided with the sore losers in the Allen county GOP against the citizens.  The Allen county GOP elected Kelty in the primary, but the powers that be want to ensure the completion of Harrison square.  Politics is what is going on here pure and simple.  This is a perfect example of how the cabal in charge of the GOP have no interest in the will of the people.


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