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Chinese 3 com? 10/5/07

I read last night that a Chinese company with ties to the Chinese military is about to merge with 3com.  Huawei Technology is the company, and it is important to point out that China is a communist company, so most of their manufacturing is an extension of their government.  The Chinese military is often the owner of sensitive businesses.  One must understand that China has a centralized economy, where the government decides what is in the strategic interest of a company. Adding fuel to the fire are the recent reports that the Chinese military has been hacking into our military’s computer networks.  What does 3com make?  They make computer networking hardware.  This issue points out the difficult duality of our modern existence.  We want to believe that the world is civilized, and that we have nothing to fear but competition.  We want to believe that if we just deal with the world in good faith they will treat us well. The problem is that we are in the way of China and its interests.  We are in the way of Russia and its interest, we are in the way of Iran and its interests, and we are in the way of Venezuela and its interests.  Prior to elections in France we were in the way of France and its interests. Our corporations see only blue skies ahead, and see themselves as an international interest.  American corporations in large numbers have no loyalty to America, only to the bottom line.  Profits are King as they should be in a capitalist system.  What is missing is someone in government to step up and say “wait a minute is unrestrained capitalism what we need right now?”  Someone needs to ask “are we selling our enemies what they need to harm us? 

I think the answer is pretty clear.  We are stuck in some sort of limbo.  We seem to be of the mistaken impression that since we won the cold war and lost a rival superpower that we have nothing to fear anymore.  The multipolar world is upon us.  Many say ”our enemies will not attack us; our demise would throw the world economy into a tail spin.”  Others feel China has no interest in war with the United States because we don’t threaten them.  What is missing from their analysis is China’s world view.  China thinks long term, and most of China is stuck in the early 20th century anyway.  China no doubt thinks it can weather 10 or 20 years of a depressed world economy if it had to, and they no doubt think they can come back stronger than we do.  Besides, bringing Taiwan back into the fold is more important than almost anything to the Chinese.  The Chinese are already waging war against the United States on many fronts.  The Chinese are cultivating allies and encouraging them to weaken us.  Russia is a prime example of this.  These two countries are opposing nearly everything we attempt in the UN.  They also often spread propaganda about American imperialism.  The Chinese are in my opinion behind North Korea’s obstinance, terrorism is also likely encouraged by the Chinese, the Chinese have bought huge amounts of treasury bills, and they actively campaign to sway American legislators and government officials.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of Chinese commercial interests.  Remember Chinese international business interests are an extension of the Chinese military, and no doubt follow a strategic plan.  U.S. ports especially on the west coast are full of Chinese business interests, and the Panama Canal has a huge Chinese presence.  China is footing a good part of the bill to modernize the Panama Canal.   In 1946, Winston Churchill said, “There was never a war [WWII] in all history easier to prevent by timely action… but no one would listen… we surely must not let that happen again.” 3Com makes computer network intrusion detection systems and has sold them to the Pentagon, the Army, and U.S. intelligence and security agencies.  Certainly nobody from the Chinese company tied to the Chinese military merging with 3com would be interested in that kind of thing.  Especially if they wanted to hack into our defense department computers at a critical point in time.  It is time to Put America First. 


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