Get Involved

PLEASE, stand up and get involved in both of these political parties. Run for precinct committee chair in 2012, and take control of your chosen party.

In any given community it is just a handful of people who control the local party. On election day the entire party decides who controls the party. Even if you don’t win precinct committee chair, insist the party do the right thing in your local area, in our state, and for our nation.

Do not let these parties do what’s right for their chosen candidate. Make them have open debate. Make them have competitive primaries. Make them play the game for the country not their careers, or monied interests.  If your chosen party doesn’t want you, or you don’t feel comfortable there, do it without a party.

This country is too important for good men and women to stand by idly, while others push this country towards the edge.  We are near the brink.  We know we are not on the right path.

It is possible the GOP has seen the light.  They, however, are not who led us to this point.  The people led the politicians in this election.

The way forward is for “We the People” to lead, and we do it from the ground up.  We do it by taking control of our local parties and make them responsive to the local communities.  It will not be easy, but there is no more worthwhile pursuit, than to responsibly steward our localities and thus our nation in such a way that future generations of Americans can strive for the American dream.

Do not listen to the nay-sayers.  Do not believe you cannot make a difference.  Do not listen to those who say there is nothing we can do.  You can make a difference.

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Congratulations Marlin Stutzman

Press Release


12 A.M. EDT, November 3, 2010

Scott Wise congratulates Marlin Stutzman

I would like to congratulate Marlin Stutzman on his victory.  I would encourage congressman Stutzman to stay true to the grass-roots that in large part elected him.

Our republic faces hard times economically, and we have a deep hole to dig out of.  We face an organized and determined effort to move our nation towards a European type socialist state.  Strong leadership is needed to move our government back towards the constitution, and back towards the mindset that America is different, unique, and exceptional. 

Cutting the size of the federal government, overhauling its role in the educational system, and its role in areas reserved for states, localities, and individuals must be a priority. 

Strong leadership is needed, and Stutzman has a mandate from the 3rd district voters to stand strong.  Our constitution, our republic, and the soul of this nation hang in the balance.


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Vote Scott Wise on November 2…twice

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your vote.  However, I am not just asking for your vote, I’m asking you to persuade others over the course of the next week to vote for me as well.

This election is so very important.  I have watched the political gamesmanship play out for more than 30 years, and have progressively grown more sick in the stomach at the greed, corruption, and selfishness.

Many voters I have talked to over the course of the last several months have expressed concern that voting for me might be a wasted vote, or worse yet get someone they don’t want elected.

Thomas Jefferson said,”…When the people fear the government there is oppression, but when the government fears the people there is freedom.”

I would like to stress two points.

1)  Neither of the 2 parties will turn the progressive tide in this country.  They are too interested in the next election, and do not have the intestinal fortitude to take on the media establishment or the entrenched bureaucrats.  The focused effort to turn this nation into a European style socialist nation will continue unless the government fears the people.

2)  If we continue to let the two major parties own us on election day they will continue to believe they own us between elections.

I can go to Washington, and stand strongly for the constitution even if the leaders of one or both parties choose not to.  I can go to Washington owing nothing to anyone but the voters and the constitution.  I can go to Washington and stand for America, not just the GOP or the democratic party.

We cannot allow others to control our destiny.  We must stand for something, or we stand for nothing.

Vote for twice for Scott Wise on November 2, and send a chill through the political establishment.  I will fight until my last dying breath to return our republic to constitutional rule, fiscal responsibility, and a place where hard work and a can do attitude are rewarded.  Together we will make the government fear the people.

Vote Scott Wise on November 2…twice…and convince others to do the same.

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I fought with my sister over Ronald Reagan.  She said he was a war monger, and would bring on nuclear war.  I bought the “smaller government” plank of the platform, and thus began a 26 year committment to the GOP. 

I faithfully supported and argued for the Republican candidates and positions.  I later became involved in local Republican politics, ran for office, and was a GOP County Councilman.  I studied politics in college, and closely followed the issues.  I drank the kool-aid.  I looked past the GOP failings, as they were less aggressive in installing a central federal government, and talked about reversing the trend.

In 2006, in the midst of the immigration debate, I realized the GOP was playing me for a fool.  They talked a good game, but were little more interested in a smaller government than the Democrats.  The Federal government had grown tremendously in that 26 years, and the Republicans were in control of congress for much of that time.

I voted for them, I argued for them, I put my faith in them.  They betrayed me.

We are 13 trillion in debt.  Fully $40,000 for every man woman and child in this country…unless you include the illegal aliens.

In what way have the Republicans made the government smaller in the last 30 years?

The Republican party has betrayed those of us who endlessly supported them on the basis of their promises.  They sold us a bill of goods, and continue to peddle them as if we are dolts.  Of course where else would we go?  They are the lesser of two evils.  I eventually got to the point of rolling my eyes every time a Republican said “smaller government,” or “fiscal conservative.”  The phrases came to mean nothing. 

Can we believe them?   In as much as they can be manipulated by the GOP leadership with committee appointments, seniority, and campaign money, they represent the Republican party more than their constituents.  Much as George Washington warned us, they are partisans and pursue partisan interests rather than American interests. 

Both parties endlessly try to convince us that their partisan agenda is the American agenda.  The media parrots the two parties’ claims as if they are objective.  They have lost sight of the fact that true objectivity has no concern for sides, but rather truth, which is as elusive today as the American dream.

The Republican party will not save our nation.  Further investing in the two parties is insanity.  Most would say “that’s just how things are…it’s politics.” 

To continue to allow the political establishment to  determine the fate of our nation is a death sentence for our republic.

The voters of Indiana’s 3rd district have a distinct choice.  They can continue to support the two major parties by voting for Tom Hayhurst or Marlin Stutzman.  Both candidates claim to be fiscal conservatives, both talk about change, but both will go to Washington and be instructed how things are done by their parties and leadership.

The voters of Indiana’s 3rd district should cast their votes for Scott Wise.  One often hears have hears how much we need regular people in Washington DC.  Scott Wise is a regular guy who attended public school, State colleges, and has worked alongside voters in factories.

This is a 2 year job, and the powers that be told us just this year that, it wasn’t that important that we were left unrepresented for 1/4 of that 2 years.

A vote for Scott Wise is a no loose proposition.  With 434 other house members, he can’t destroy this nation.  Nor is Scott Wise going vote to spend any more money.

Take a chance on a guy who has a chance to really make a difference.  One freshman congressman doesn’t have much influence when among a group of senior republicans or democrats, however one congressman who can play the middle against both sides can have a large impact.  One freshman congressman willing to stick his finger in the eye of powerful interests, or stand for what is right even if it means election defeat can play a powerful role in moving legislation or debate.  One freshman congressman who can speak the truth to the media without fear of party retribution can change the direction this country is headed.

We get the government we deserve, and if we select it the same way we always have we will get the same.

Vote Scott Wise for Congress.

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Elect me your congressman

For four years now, I have attempted to be elected Indiana’s 3rd district U.S. representative.
I have lived and worked from one.corner of the 3rd district to the other, I’ve studied political science, economics, and foreign affairs at Ball State and IUSB, I’ve closely watched the political game play out over the last 30+ years, I was a republican until the party betrayed the republic, and I am not afraid.
This is an election of consequence, and I am uniquely suited to help return our republic to constitutional governance.
This is not a time to further enable the progressive agenda, nor is it a time for Souder lite.  This is the time for the people to take a bold stand, and demand a responsible solvent government.
This candidate has worked on the factory floors of NE Indiana building mobile homes, van conversions, and parts for cars and tractors.
This candidate has been broke, unemployed, and fought off foreclosure.
This candidate has sold wholesale and retail, ran a restaurant and bar, and now manages a manufacturing operation.
This candidate considers this country and it’s future as more important than himself or his future.
This candidate has the guts to stand up against the other 434 members and say, “you are wrong,” and can side with either party if it is right.
There is only one wise choice in this election.  Vote for me, Scott Wise for your congressman, and I will ensure your grandkids don’t have to pay for our government’s corruption.

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Business As Usual Will Not Do – Part 2 Rescue America Coalition

Slightly more than 12 months ago when I launched my failed attempt to defeat Mark Souder in the GOP primary, I wrote a letter to the editor entitled Business as usual will not do. In it I expressed the teetering nature of our nation’s economy, and warned of an impending collapse caused by our government who must live in Alice’s wonderland.
This is not an “I told you so” such discussions are inappropriate in our position. We don’t have the luxury of time. Now is the time to look forward as a nation and take steps that preserve our union and our republic.
This is a call to action.
Our leaders tell us our nation’s future is on the line, but act as if it is Christmas for democrats and their constituencies. Every democratic interest has their hand out like money grows on trees. There is no concern in Washington to be frugal. There is no attempt to be responsible. It is get it now while the gettin’s good. Meanwhile, we make the greatest transgression by forcing our heirs to pay our irresponsible debt, and we do it without shame.
Bernie Goldberg suggested today on Fox News that the democrats were planning on crashing the economy so they can gain the benefit of paying off their interest groups but pay no price because they can blame Bush and the GOP. They will say to the American people “See what they did to us…we tried to stop it.” In fact that process has already started.
If we truly had a responsible government, they would, to a legislator, see to it that not a penny was misspent. The soul of our nation is on the line.
Glenn Beck has been showing a graph published by the St. Louis Federal Reserve that shows U.S. dollars in circulation. It shows that the new stimulus plan doubles the U.S. dollars in circulation. This will effectively cut the value of the dollar in half. Your income was just cut in half.
Our current government is indeed interested in change, but it is not the change that will keep America vibrant and exceptional. It is the kind of change that will marginalize America, and merge it with the rest of the world in its movement towards socialism.
I have formed the Rescue America Coalition. It is a non-partisan coalition that will recruit, campaign, and raise money for candidates that believe in American exceptionalism. It will empower people to seek positions in government that will put American interests first. Not the American government’s interests, or the interests of the powerful, but the interests of everyday Americans. It is not an effort to take care of Americans, but an effort to get government out of the way, and allow Americans to pursue the American dream with liberty and freedom to sweeten the pot.
It’s not a new idea; our founding fathers came up with it about 230 years ago. We need selfless public servants. Sarah Palin mentioned it several times, but the media was too caught up in her daughter, and her ex-brother in law to focus on what really drives the woman.
Help me.
I may not be the best candidate for congress in 2010. We might find someone better. I’m open to that, but we must find someone who cares more about the future of this country than their own self interest. Equally important is that we’ll find good candidates from all parties for offices all over this district.
My Plan is to spread this idea around Indiana in 2009, and do my best to make it a nationwide movement in 2010.
Responsible government is what we need. Popular or not, big hearted or not, the actions taken by this government are not responsible. Stimulus is one thing, but bleeding the treasury for personal gain because you “don’t want to waste a good emergency” (Rahm Emanuel) is beyond the pale.
Rescue America Coalition (260)229-7102                                                                                                                                               6857 N. 350 W.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Columbia City, IN 46725

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What now?

I have bounced this question around in my head for a while now.  How do we as a nation proceed?  Some would say our political system has always been this way, and that some public servants have always acted in their own interests.  That is undoubtedly so. 

Our media has rested on the work of Woodward and Bernstein for 35 years.  Is there anyone who believes there is not corruption of at least the scale of Watergate happening now?  Where is the investigative journalism on border security, on drug trafficking, on nepotism.  Where is the serious investigation and reporting on fundraising?  How many government appointments are “sold” every year?  How does one get an ambassadorship, or an appointment to a vacated legislative seat?

How about the political parties?  The complete betrayal of fiscal conservatives by the Republican party is the most stark example of how the parties look after their own interest not the interests of the people or the preservation of the constitution.

My idea is the Rescue America Coalition.   This organization will recruit, campaign for, and raise money for candidates from all parties.  The only string is that they put the interests of the country, it’s future, and it’s people above their own personal and political interests, and the interests of their party.

Now anyone can say they will do these things, but sitting elected officials will be judged and a determination will be made if they did as pledged.  If they did, they will be supported, and if they did not, the coalition will support someone else.

The essential points are self-less public service, and adherence to the constitution.

Do we want our children and grandchildren to live in a socialist North American Union, or should they have the opportunity to live in the greatest nation the world has ever known?  Should they have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

We the people have abdicated our responsibility.  We are not interested in government, or politics.  We are too busy, and those topics are too complicated and messy.  We have left the selection of our political candidates to the political parties and the media.  We have come to accept hypocrisy and corruption as the way things are and unchangeable.  They are unchangeable if we do things the same way.

Will we govern our country, or will we leave it to those that have and will continue to sell us out for their own benefit?

My name is Scott Wise, and I am running for congress. I’m a regular guy, and I am running because I believe we are at a critical time in our nations history, and our government is not acting responsibly. I am asking for your support, your vote, and if you take part in that kind of thing your contribution.

Our present congressman will have served 14 years when his term expires. That is 2 years longer than he said was the most he would serve when he first ran for congress on term limits. Our current congressman has served and been a party to the largest expansion of the Federal government in our nations history while originally promising smaller government. Our congressman has also served while our nation has been flooded with illegal immigrants, increased our national debt, surrendered our sovereignty, and turned dramatically toward socialism.

If that’s not bad enough most congressmen are worse than ours. Most elected officials worry more about how the lobbists want them to vote, or how the vote will affect the next election, than how their constituents want them to vote, or whats best for the country. Some work to undermine America at home and abroad. Some ignore issues vital to our very survival to strategically improve their future political position.

I could go on and on about government failures and irresponsibilities. I think our time is better served talking about what we can possibly do. I want to go to congress with the kind of loud and clear message the people send when they call home a 7 term incumbant in one of the most conservative districts in the country and elect an unwealthy patriotic gun toten redneck.

I want to take that message and find 50 other congressmen and women who believe the future of our country is more important than their political partys power. 50 votes isn’t enough to form a majority, but it is significant in terms of bargining power and swing votes. Hopefully over 2 years the 50 will grow in number. Either way, in 2010, I will take the put america first campaign nationwide focused on congressional districts where the incumbant has been most opposed to the put America first agenda.

None of this is meant to be mean spirited. The men and women in Washington D.C. have been sucked into a system gone wild. You can’t get along in Washinton without going along. Our particular congressman has given a good part of his life to public service. He is a good man who I voted for multiple times. He has been there long enough.

All of them and they way they do business have been there long enough. Vote for Scott Wise and he will put America first and seek out others willing to do the same. This is the greatest country the world has ever known, and we deserve a government that is better than what we have.

On this site you will find out about exciting upcoming events. Where I stand on the issues, and what I hope to accomplish in Washington. Our strategy for raising money and how you can help. Interesting links and Scott’s blog. You will also find out how to contact the campaign, register, and donate.

Put America First Vote Wise

Wise Blog

Put America First Vote Wise

Paid for by committee to elect Scott Wise

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